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Nasip İyem (1921-2011) entered the Painting Department of İstanbul State Academy of Fine Arts and started to studied in Leopold Levy’s Studio in 1939. She ported from the Academy in 1944. In 1954, she started to work on abstract painting. Her first personal exhibition was at “Ertem Art Gallery” in 1955. In 1958 she had recourse to Eczacıbaşı Ceramic Atelier and started her painting works on ceramics. She had her first solo exhibition at Istanbul Ceramics Association in 1961. In 1963, she had established her own studio. In 1972, she had represented Turkey at the “Italy Bassano del Grappa Internation Ceramics Symposium”. Apart from her personal and group exhibitons she had a number of exhibitions with her husband Nuri İyem. Evin Art Gallery still exhibites and gives certificates to her artworks.