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Evin Art Gallery is the one of the leading galleries in figurative plastic arts in Turkey since its foundation in 1996 by Evin Iyem and Umit Iyem. The gallery undertakes in full, the representation and promotion of its signed artists as well as guest ones by a new generation dynamic team committed to the founders’ essential values of trust and expertise.

Over twenty years of experience, the gallery has earned itself a prominent place in the Turkish art scene and played a pioneering role in the protection of both the artists' and collectors' rights by issuing authentication certificates since 2001.

Throughout the year, the gallery holds solo and group exhibitions of the works of masters and those of promising young artists of Turkish modern art as well as conducts the renowned Nuri Iyem Painting Award & Exhibition since 2006.

Evin Art Gallery serves art enthusiasts in Istanbul’s historic and affluent Bebek district, at a second-degree historical house. The house is also the first building in Turkey that was specifically designed for an art gallery. Together with two large floors of exhibition halls, there is an office floor and a collection floor where the works of all the artists it represents can be seen. Open the whole year excluding one month in summer, the gallery welcomes guests from 11.00 to 19.00 hours every day except on Sundays.

Evin Iyem – Umit Iyem – Founders
Osman Nuri Iyem – Creative Director
Ece Balcioglu – Gallery Manager
Gul Demirdag- Business Development & Sales Consultant
Cem Ergul –Technical Operations Manager